My name is Asia. I’m 23 years old, in my 2nd year of a 3 year Masters program in Applied Psychology. I created this blog to highlight a few different topics:

  • Natural Hair – It’s so hard to find my ‘hair twin’. After watching youtube video after youtube video, read blog after blog, and get asked day after day what I do to my hair – I decided to share my hair journey with the world. { Fun fact: I’m not completely natural! I’ve been transitioning since August 2014 and have yet to do the ‘big chop’}
  • Grad School Struggles – Working full-time while pursuing a Masters degree full-time was tough! I spent months trying to find ways to make extra money while completing 30-hour unpaid internships and living off of financial aid for the next couple years before I finally quit my job to focus on school. Why was it so hard to find such easy ways to make money? I don’t know. But I’m hoping to make the next grad students life a bit easier!

Where do I expect this blog to go? I couldn’t tell you. I hope that someone with the same transitioning/natural hair struggles as me that’s struggling to make it semester to semester in graduate school finds hope and motivation in reading this blog!

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