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Top 5 Twist-Out Products under $10

Being natural, you learn that every product doesn’t do what it says it does, and the good stuff cost your whole life savings! Especially if you’re new to the game! I’ve been transitioning for two years and am constantly trying to find “the” product for my hair while also trying to not be homeless on the street with flawless hair. Being in grad school, you learn how to stretch every penny you own.

Frugalistas, I’ve created a list of my top 5 favorite products under $10.00. My go-to’s if you will! I’ve ordered them from least expensive to most expensive, while still being under $10 of course.

*All of these products I use on wet or damp hair for best results*

  1.  Lottabody Style Me Texturizing Setting Lotion , ~$3.00product You can find this at Walmart or a beauty supply store for about $3 and some change. I use this as an every day twist-out/braid out setting lotion. It provides GREAT definition and also doesn’t leave my hair hard. I can use it everyday without having to wash my hair everyday and it doesn’t leave a lot of buildup either! I’ve honestly been using this product for years, my mother has been using it for years! Relaxed, natural, texturized, transitioning – this product does the trick on it all! (I also use their ‘Wrap Me Foaming Mousse‘ and get the same results)
  2. Eco Styler Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel, ~$3.00  51Rh1FDmX9L Yes, I use this for twist-outs and braid outs. I watched so many tutorials on Youtube and they always use this product for multiple uses. I’ve found this product to be a cheap way to get a quick twist out going! It definitely adds definition. The downfall is that my hair is hard, but the upside to that is that it stays in place! I use this on days I know it will be extremely windy and I want to keep the frizz to a minimum. I was worried I would have flakes, but as many times as I have used this, I have never seen flakes! Target often sells this product in the bigger jar for the same price as the smaller one! Look out for this steal!
  3. Aunt Jackie’s Don’t Shrink Flaxseed Elongating Curling Gel, ~$8.00 71liOSS7UkL._SY606_ I have SO many great things to say about this product! I love this product because it does exactly what it says, elongates. It definitely makes my twist-outs and braid-outs look longer. It has a great hold and great definition as well. This product contains flaxseed and wheat protein. The downfall is that I don’t see this product everywhere! You can definitely buy it online, but I’ve only found it at one beauty supply store in my experience. It’s definitely worth the hunt though!
  4. SheaMoisture Cocunut & Hibiscus Frizz-Free Curl Mousse, ~$9.00     71qiTCb5zQL._SY606_This product is great! In fact, pretty much every product I’ve tried from the ‘coconut & hibiscus’ line has worked wonders for me! This product provides great definition and sheen! Doesn’t leave my hair hard or any residue either! I use 3 pumps per twist, and boom! Another secret, Walgreens always has a sale on SheaMoisture products – I got this on a  ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ frenzy. ** Disclaimer: This product sells for $11-$13 online and in most stores, but at the Target near me, it is $9.00**
  5. Carols Daughter Hair Milk Nourishing and Conditioning Styling Pudding, ~$10.00    41+01ETcuVLThe most expensive on the list (and my least favorite, how ironic!). So this product, I’m partial to. If you’re hair is not COMPLETELY dry when you take the twists out, you will have wasted your time. This is also a product where a lot goes a long way, so don’t put too much on! At first, I hated this product! Then, I realized I was using way too much, which was why my hair was taking forever to dry! Once I mastered how much to use, this was added to my list of faves!

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